Pizza and pasta are not the only delicious Italian foods you can find. There are also cheeses and they are not the ordinary ones. When it comes to Italian cheeses, you can only expect to have some of the world’s greatest cheeses.


Asiago is a special cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a special cooked and pressed cheese with firm texture and can age up to 2 years. Thanks to its firm texture, many people use this cheese as a table cheese to complement traditional soups, risotto, or pasta. That’s not just it. You can also slice it thin and serve it atop crunchy baguette along with fruit.


Fontina is an almost flesh-colored, semi-soft cheese. It is also known for its mild delight and slightly nutty properties. It is one of the Italy’s most treasured cheeses, made from special cow’s milk. Fed with the Alpine grass, the cows only produce the highest quality of milk. Thanks to that, Fontina has always been an excellent ingredient to make snack, gnocchis, and risottos.


Named after Gorgonzola, a town this cheese was originally made, Gorgonzola is actually the Italian version of the famous Blue Cheese. However, there are some differences between them. For example, the Italians’ Gorgonzola is much creamier than the original Blue Cheese. In Italy, this cheese is usually eaten with grapes and pears. It is also a perfect match for wine and cheese parties. On top of that, you can use any type of Gorgonzola to make delicious Italian salads.


If you’re a true cheese lover, you should have known this cheese. Mascarpone cheese is very famous for its luscious and smooth highlight of tiramisu. It is a special triple cream cheese. Made of cow’s milk, Mascarpone has a very smooth texture and is often compared to its brother, the American cream cheese. However, for some reasons, this cheese is much better than the American cream cheese. It’s perfect smoothness, tenderness, and thickness make this cheese has a variety of serving possibilities. One of the most popular way to serve it is by combining liqueur, traditional tiramisu of ladyfingers, and mascarpone. Another way to enjoy it is by putting the cheese atop your fruit and berries along with a little cream. There’s no better way to enjoy your time with this combination.


You’ve certainly heard about Mozzarella. It’s another Italian’s special cheese made of cow’s milk and sometimes water buffalo milk. It is also one of few cheeses that actually have 2 classes of freshness. The first one, true fresh Mozzarella, is usually formed into balls and stored in whey, brine, or water to maintain its freshness and white color. This type is usually served as insalatacaprese. It is a combination of 3 ingredients: olive oil, basil, and fresh Mozzarella. The second type is basically mass-produced Mozzarella cheeses. With greater elasticity, this type usually comes pre-shredded or in a block form.