Cooking pasta may seem like the easiest thing to do in this life. However, if you even underestimate it a bit, you will certainly not get the dream pasta you won’t. Despite learning the right ways to make pasta, some people try to follow some myths about making pasta. Just as expected, they fail.

Debunking the Myths

Following myths will lead you to nothing. Since we don’t you to make that same mistake like many people else do, we are going to debunk some myths about cooking pasta. Here, you will only learn the truth.

The pasta will stick together unless you add oil to the cooking water

It’s a complete myth. Adding oil has nothing to do with your pasta. You need to add oil to your pasta to keep the sauce and pasta from sticking together. Besides adding oil, the following ways will also help you keep the sauce from sticking with the pasta.

1. There should be enough water in the pot
2. Stir the pasta twice after adding the sauce or more if you have long pasta
3. The water should be at boiling temperature when you add the pasta

You don’t need to fully boil the water

It’s another myth. You need a fully-boiled water to make a perfect pasta. Boiled water will keep your pasta from sticking together during the whole process. Using fully-boiled water will also develop the nutty flavor in your pasta.

Do not forget to rinse

Well, actually, there is no rule about this. Unless you need the pasta to make a cold pasta salad, you don’t need to rinse it after cooking. In fact, you should avoid rinsing your pasta because it will only rinse all the precious starches. As the result, your sauce may not adhere as good as you want.

The only important thing is the pasta

People have different ways in serving pasta. Some people love having it drowned in sauce. However, when it comes to the original Italian way of cooking pasta, there is nothing more important in cooking pasta than the pasta itself. Not even the sauce is more important than the pasta. Italians love their pasta so much that they only apply the sauce lightly. For them, sauce is nothing more than a hint of coating. Many Italian cooks even only cook their pasta for 1 minute before it gets al dente and continue the cooking directly in the sauce. This method will infuse the whole flavor of the sauce into the pasta without even having to pile it.

Fresh pasta is the best

Some people believe that fresh pasta should always be chosen over dried pasta. Well, there is no better way to tell about this than it is a complete myth. Fresh pasta is not always better than dried pasta. Both of them are completely different. In some cases, you may need fresh pasta because the recipe requires so. However, in other case, fresh pasta may not work as good as dried pasta. That’s why the Italians love to serve different pasta with difference sauce.