Pizza is everywhere. At almost every place on this earth, you can easily find this food and a lot of people who love it. Well, that makes sense. This food is not just very delicious. It is also very easy to make. You don’t need to be a chef or all the traditional tools to make this one. With just an oven and a recipe, you can make your own pizza. That’s how this food has evolved through our time. More and more never versions of pizza keep appearing. That makes me curious about one thing: its origin.

Pizza Origin

The word “pizza” is believed to be originated from “pinsa” (Latin), which means flatbread. There is also a legend, which tells that it was some Roman soldiers who first created this food. However, a recent archeological study revealed the fact that perhaps we’ve been all wrong about this food. This study concluded by the Middle ages, pizza has already taken its form like we see today. Back then, people use local ingredients to make the dough. As for the toppings, herbs and olive oils were quite famous at that time. Later, pizza gets its whole new dimension when it is topped with mozzarella cheese. This happened after the Indian Water buffalo came in.

Another breakthrough was made in the early 19th century, when tomatoes were finally used by the Naples people for their pizza. Since that day, we have been able to make something even more tastier than the original pizza. It’s also since that very time, pizza was being sold for every meal on Naples street. Pizza was everywhere and people could easily find actual shops where they could order pizza with different toppings.

The famous pizza Margherita takes its name from Queen Margherita from Italy. When she visited Naples in 1889, Rafaele Esposito, a pizza maker, presented her a special pizza, which contains 3 colors of the Italian flag: red of tomato, green of fresh basil and white of mozzarella. Even until now, this pizza is very famous around the world.
Today, there are even some pizzas, which quality and ingredients are regulated and controlled by law. They are called the Neapolitan style pizzas. One of them is the famous pizza verace napoletana. It’s a special pizza that should be eaten in the same area where it was baked. The rules also guarantee that every pizza under this category is made to be as authentic as possible.

Italian Traditional Pizza

Despite many new-style pizzas we have today, there are still some traditional Italian pizzas that has successfully made their way to success. Pizzas from Pizzeria, for example, is famous for its round shape, cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, and made to order. There are also pizzas which vary between regionals, such as pizza Marianara (garlic, anchovies, and oregano topping), pizza Capricciosa (mushroom, prosciutto, olives, artichoke hearts, and ½ boiled egg topping), pizza Pugliese (olives and local capers topping), pizza Veronese (tender prosciutto crudo and mushroom toppings), and pizzas from Sicily with peas, hard-boiled eggs, seafood, and green olives toppings.